Day 1 – Scuba Cat

Hello and Welcome

This just so happens to be my first post in an (hopefully) ever growing collection. I am excited to begin this journey into consistent self examination. Though I’m sure many of my updates will be anything but philosophical.

Let me create some context to start you off with.

  • I live in Middle Tennessee with my mom, surrounded by my friends and family.
  • I will soon begin my second year of college as a freshman.
  • I work in customer service at a small store of a major grocery company.
  • I am interning with a non-profit.

The non-profit is a christian ministry, by the name of A Called Generation, who’s mission is best just repeated from the site.


As one of several interns, I am being trained in discipline and leadership, as well as practical life skills. This blog is actually an assignment to be completed weekly by the group. My fellow trainees are quality friends who have committed to living lives driven by the love of God. We are all unique in our talents and passions, but we are unified in our goal see our culture changed by the power of the one true God working in our daily lives.

At work I represent Christ by respecting my supervisors and doing good work. There is an extra step to share the word and pray, with coworkers and customers, that I have only taken a handful of times. In this new season I will be more intentional to share the hope of Christ with the people I work with. That step makes all of the difference in how I view my workplace.

Laziness has gotten the better of me this summer. Little has been achieved because I let the lazy monster control my school year. Lack of motivation and follow through left far too many F’s on my transcript last year. That has lead to a bum May and June, and next fall being my 3rd freshmen semester. Clearly, I need to be trained in discipline.

Friends and family are most difficult to be obedient around. The closer someone is to me, the more likely they are to see my ugly. This is avoided by keeping easy to maintain expectations of myself therefore no one can be disappointed with me. To follow Christ I am going to have to go outside of my comfort zone and live by faith. Faith is a truly rewarding lifestyle. Let’s see if I can keep this up.



5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Scuba Cat”

  1. Well hello there! And welcome to the blogging community. I envy you for living in Tennessee. I want to live down there so bad! I live close to Maryland. I also agree with your idea of “being uglier” around the ones closest to you. Sucks how it works that way, right? My friends have sure seen my ugly side…but you know what. There’s ALWAYS a reason for it. Never blame yourself. Anyways, welcome abroad and enjoy the blogging ride! let your thoughts run free. Most of us are friendly. I have yet to come across someone “ugly” 😉

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I really appreciate the encouragement.
      I’m actually really curious as to what living close to Maryland is like. Do you live in some State around Maryland? I’ve been to Maryland once or twice. The goal was always DC though.

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂
      I have only been to the edge of Cookeville by the interstate. Your post on Mohamad Al Karbi’s site makes me want to visit the historical part.


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