Day 5 – Hobby Habits

I am starting to view this blog as practice for when school starts back and I have daily tasks to work on. If I can update this blog every day then I might have enough endurance to make it through the next semester. Instead of saying I missed a day yesterday lets just say I was resting for the Sabbath.

Their are a few habits I have enjoyed this summer. Writing this blog is a new one but I have also started to get back into letter writing. In the 7th grade my Aunt began writing to me because I had moved to Michigan and when I came back to Tennessee, to visit my dad and everyone else, I would correspond with my mom. That mainly lasted for that year while we lived up there, though I did try to write notes to a friend in MI, My cousin, and even a neighbor across the street a few times. A friend I met last year at school has returned to her home in east TN to be a camp counselor. I have mailed a handful of envelopes containing my thoughts that I might otherwise send in a text to her. The recent messages have been about Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. She agreed to read and discuss it with me. Studying together is a fantastic source of accountability.

Reading Ephesians, and the Bible in general, has been a fascinating and exciting practice. I have done most of my reading while on breaks at work. Boy, do those breaks ever fly by fast when I am reading something good, and usually I hit the clock in a much more thankful mood. All this reading has not only adjusted my perspective, but it also has lead to some good conversations with customers and coworkers. This summer is not the first time I have read or even enjoyed the Bible but it has reminded me of how necessary it is for my life.

I would life to continue these habits throughout the year and maybe even pick up some new ones. Perhaps listening to music, quilting, calligraphy, or dancing. I should probably stick with classics like dishes, laundry, and cleaning the bathroom before getting too extreme.

What is a habit or hobby I should try next?


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