I am back.

The commitment to post daily proved to be overwhelming. This site became a chore that I would rather ignore than update. I do not want to abandon ship just yet though. I will post as I can my thoughts, stories, and updates. The goal is to increase my post length and eventually write daily without stressing myself out with promises.

My thoughts are on work now. I can’t tell if some of my coworkers are lazy or if they are unaware of what their responsibilities are. For sure some are less proactive than others but I am unwilling to write them all off as lazy. I won’t judge anyone for needing to turn off their brains from time to time, I definitely have days when I don’t want to complete my assignments or really anything else. Sometimes though, the directions I give have me feeling like my Mother. That is not a bad thing, it is actually nice. Tonight a courtesy clerk suggested that he should not have to straighten the storage closet because he had not messed it up. This instance reminded me of my brother refusing to take out the trash, when he was a teen, because he had not contributed to its contents. In both cases I believe the claims of tidiness were quite deluded and I based my response on what my Mother says to her children. It is summed up like this. We do not do chores because it is what we deserve, we do them to benefit the rest of the household or team.

Everyone one there is capable of so much. I wish I could just take each of them by the hand and show them what is possible. I could show them the value of honesty, integrity, and a mind that seeks improvement. Unfortunately, there is no time for that and there is still so much I need to grow in. I want to see people succeed in ways beyond what they can dream. My heart turns blue when I think about my friends who have never experienced God as good. There is infinite goodness and love in him, everything he does is for our benefit. With him life is simplified even if it isn’t always easy. The simplicity refers only to the loss of worry because adventure is multiplied exponentially every day I spend with Jesus. I have found crazy joy and freedom when I live life according to his plan.

God is going to use my desire to hold people up until they can stand on their own for something really cool and I can not wait. I can’t really tell if I sound conceited or not. I hope you can see that this post just kinda burst right from my heart. Perhaps tomorrow’s post will not focus so much on me. No promises though, this is after all my site.

See ya again soon 🙂


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